Friday, August 31, 2012

Whatever you do.

Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as for the Lord and not for men, since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward. It is the Lord Christ you are serving.
Colossians 3:23-24

A month or so ago I read this verse, undoubtedly with a big smile on my face.
After reading it, I'm sure that I made some sort of "oohhhh" sound preceding a whispered exclamation of "That's so cool, Lord!"

A week or so after that moment I sat in one of the almost-but-not-quite-squishy chairs at our church. I listened and probably made all sorts of goofy facial expressions as my church family discussed the topic of work. 
Work, as in, that thing we do so that we can make a living.
The men shared different things about how they work to provide for their families, the women shared about how they work in their homes (and other places), some of my young adult pals shared about their new jobs/experiences as they've just been stepping into the work world.
We had just watched the tour about labor on "The Truth Project" DVD, which we've been using for Sunday School for many weeks now (actually, last Sunday we finished it up with much sorrow. All of us would highly recommend that you watch it if you have the chance.)

It was interesting listening as everyone came from their different perspectives, hearing their views on work.

It made me think about all things work-related. And it made me think of Colossians 3:23 and 24.
I personally work as a cashier, selling snacks at a theater that does live productions of Biblical text.
I love my job, but understand, I see so many people every single day that sometimes I just nearly lose it.
When you have customers on the left and the right, all asking you where their seats are, if they can have a bag, "oh wait, could I add a Snickers bar to that order.., here, I think I have fifty cents..",
This is just between you and me, but sometimes when I'm in that moment, I don't exactly feel like I'm working for the Lord and not for men.
I am extremely thankful for the job and I love the Christian work environment that I am so privileged to experience every day.
You should see the register I'm usually on. My coworker friends and I have decked it out with doodles, for one thing. But also, I often have a verse up there (somewhere between the my little picture of a balloon, and the "kanga-rex" doodle) Right now my verse is "Be holy because I, the Lord, am holy. And I have set you apart from the nations to be my own" Leviticus 20:26.
It's a nice reminder that even though I'm there to sell people chips, I am also there to be an example of what the Lord can do with a heart.
Many of the people that I meet, I can tell that they are not around Christian examples very often. I've been encouraged on occasion when a patron expresses to me that "everyone here is so nice!"
As if love is a rare jewel that they've just been shown for the first time.

I love the way that we employees treat each other with respect and love and forgiveness and.. yeah.
Yesterday I received a card  from my friend thanking me for being willing to switch registers with her.
A card. For switching registers.  Like it was a big deal or something.
She also wrote in the card that she can see Jesus shining through me.
I'm not bragging. Let me tell you, I so often feel like a miserable failure of a Christian example. I was just so touched to read that in the card that I couldn't help but tell you about it.
Because here's why: Even when we don't feel like we're making a big impression on anyone, or doing anything significant... we can be. Chances are, (not to sound creepy or anything), someone is watching the way you operate.
And if no physical person is, the Lord is. And *ah-hem* insert Colossians 3:23&24 here.
Work at it with all your heart, as working for Lord and not for men.
This is the point, kids. We are here to serve the Lord in everything we do, everywhere we are.
He's the one who will give us the ultimate performance review.
This is the thought that I have to cling to a lot.
Someday I'll stand before the King. I know I've said this before, but I want to hear Him say "good job".
I pray that my life and my work will be that of a good and faithful servant.
And I pray that yours will, too.

That, dear friends, is the beginning of an awesome work ethic, as well as a life well lived and in tune.


Sunday, August 19, 2012

Just Thoughts

About 6:45 this morning I found myself sitting cross-legged on our sofa, looking through the window at the beautiful view right across the street from our house. I was in awe as I took in the image of the early sun as it cast it's golden beam over the shining, dew-laden field.
And I pondered things.
This is a rare happening, as I have a mind that tends to jump from thing to thing, never focusing on one particular thought for more than a couple of minutes, if that.
I thought about fruit.
Bananas, peaches, watermelon, grapes.
God must have had a splendid time designing fruits...
I thought about how each fruit has it's own texture, aroma, flavor.
How great is our God. He invented texture, He invented scent, He invented flavor itself!!
I love those moments when you are just blown away by the huge-ness of the Lord, and the extent of His power (not that we will ever comprehend it fully).

I thought about how God's personality must be displayed throughout His creation, and if we take the time to notice it, we can learn a lot about our Lord and grow closer to Him!
I personally believe that God loves vibrant colors. Roses, clownfish, The bluest sky in October.
Just that little insight on His divine personality makes my heart happy.
Because guess what? I like vibrant colors, too!

I thought about how God is the first artist.
He is the artist. He designed everything.
I must say, I do admire His work ;-)
Seriously though! As a somewhat-artist-of-some-sort, I adore the fact that the Lord sculpted me with His own hands. He decided what voice I should have, how my teeth would be aligned, and what shape my head would be.
I've had, and still do often have a hard time accepting and appreciating my round head or my voice as I should, but I have to slow down and contemplate this.
I am fearfully and wonderfully made.
Sculpted by the hands of God, The artist.

His love just falls on me like rain sometimes.
I want to be drenched in that rain.

Just thoughts. Merely the early morning ponderings of a curious mind, but I thought I'd share.

Chelsea :)