Sunday, May 5, 2013

The Same God

It seems like everything is always changing, doesn't it?
The weather, our relationships, our homes, our jobs.
Change, change, change. All the time.

Some change is good; some is not so good.
Whatever the case, changes are inevitable in this lifetime, and we are accustomed to them. 

 I think that in the midst of the constant changes that we see and feel from day to day, we tend to forget that our God does not change.
He is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

Have you ever looked through an old family photo album?
Did you laugh at the haircut that you had 4 years ago?
Did you gasp in horror when you caught sight of the sweater you wore to your sister's birthday party? ;-)
We change so constantly.
Not only the way we look, but also how we live.

Our interests switch from this to that.
Our friendships come and go.

But God remains.

It was 1:34ish. Myself, as well as the rest of the concessions folks, were gathered on the West side of the lobby for our daily meeting/prayer time.
A dear lady who is new to our department sat on a wooden stool in front of the 20 or so of us
as she gave her testimony, shaking.
It was an incredible one.
She'd been through so much!
She told us about many hardships that she'd faced, including an intense anxiety disorder.
As she told about how God has healed her in so many ways, how He has made her a new person altogether, a simple thought crossed my mind.
"That's so God"
And then it occurred to me!
God isn't any different for this woman than He is for me.
He is the same God.
She and I have gone through different things, and we live entirely different lives,
Yet we serve the same God.

As she was talking, I just kept thinking something along the lines of "yeah, yeah, that's the God I know!"
What a comfort is the consistency of God.
Though we change, our lives change, 
Our God does not change.
And He is the same God to me as He is to the missionary in Africa, or the Christian Author in Texas.